A wonderful adventure for the Summers family at Sunset Paradise!  Our first trip to Puerto Rico and, while the sea didn't cooperate for scuba diving, beaches, etc., were beautiful.  Sunsets were also unbeatable!  Best restaurants were Black Eagle, The Landing, and great mofongo at El Bambino.  Enjoyed the conversation with the owner of the maritime museum at El Faro lighthouse. The house is beautiful - a perfect setting for our Thanksgiving Caribbean vacation. Our thanks for the use of your lovely home.

          Bruce and Barbara Summers & Ben, Bethany & Bryna  Wheat Ridge, Colorado


Sunset Paradise has offered us a true week in Paradise.  The food, the people and the beautiful sunsets have renewed our spirits.  Thank you for the use of your most hospitable casa.

          Bruce & Denise Allen of Bettendorf, Iowa


Our fourth trip to Rincon in 18 months and we've found the perfect perch at last. When you were talking about developing a marketing stategy, it struck me that this area is a real Margaritaville for stressed out east-coasters like us. Its easy enough to get to, which makes long weekend getaways possible, and once here, you don't have to be a tourist in the sense of feeling obliged to see and do a list of stuff.  The view, the beach-walking, the comfort of Unit #2 Upper and if you do venture out, the people who are so helpful-thatís all we need. (some terrific restaurants, too.) We've never ready to leave without knowing when we're coming back, so see you in March.

          Bill & Karen Raman, Scarsdale NY


 The house and view are lovely  We were much impressed by your excellent guidebook!! Explored the town, map was very useful and we bought fresh fish down the beach. Find that you want to be home when the sun sets from 6:15 to 6:30, its beautiful.

          Patti Mc Causland, Ellen Donnie and Donny Piancentine Cape May, NJ


 Bar-b-cue chicken at E.C. Bakery is Fabulous

          John Fager, NY, NY


The spacious verandah framed by palm trees and almond trees overlooking an endless vista of blue and green water is a picture that I will always hold dear.  The beauty of this setting and the comfort of this villa surpassed all my expectations.

          Lynn Seaman, Rockville Centre, NY


ROCK THIS HOUSE! We had a great time here.  Thank you for everything!

          Swiss Guys


The stay here in this location was wonderful.  The facilities were excellent. My family and I would want to come back for another vacation. Thank you very much.

          Rivera family


Our stay is Puerto Rico was wonderful and the facilities you provided were just as wonderful.  When we arrived everything was orderly and clean. This is a perfect spot for a vacation. Everything was perfect.  The kitchen facilities were very good.  We hope to return again the coming year.  We had a wonderful time.  Everything was great.  The kids had a lot of fun.  It was a wonderful experience especially for the kids.  We hope to come back soon. 

          Familia Castro, Colon, Barreto Vasalles


This week was the most laid back and relaxed one.  We were able to enjoy each other (my husband & I) and at the same time enjoy the scenery, the ocean, the fishing, the hammock, the sun (even though I got burnt so bad I couldn't go out in the sun for 3 days), the waves.  Me and Ricardo enjoyed the fishing a lot, May God bless all of those who will be spending their vacation here! I will spread the word of this wonderful place so others could enjoy.  Have a great and blessed time!

          Ricardo & Olga, Miami Lakes


 We have had an absolutely idyllic stay here.  This house is so clean and comfortable and the porch/patio is bliss!  The water was heavenly, also, a lovely temperature and gentle waves. We join with all the previous comments on the Island Queen.  A fantastic, competent, nice organization.  We had never snorkeled before, but Palmer had us swimming around seeing the sights in no time.  They were a pleasure to do business with. Our ride to Desecheo Island was unexpectedly rough, but Palmer is a careful pilot, and he smoothed out the swells as much as possible.  You will not go wrong using them for snorkeling. Truly a paradise! Pedro was wonderful, very information, sunsets were great (6pm).  Great place to vacation. Next time, Iíll go fishing with Pedro. Iíll be back.

          Ron Johnson


We like the location, both for its beauty and its accessibility to town, etc.  We walked.  Enjoyed having the good music in the house. Son Donny liked the house but stayed in the hills near the surf. (for surfers)  Lovely sunsets! Sorry to go.

          Ellen and Company


There are not all that many places you stay that you feel very much at home but our family loved all the facilities that you had to offer.  Once again many thanks from us all.

          Pam Rasmussen


Just wanted to drop a line to say how much we enjoyed ourselves in Puerto Rico. What a prime piece of real estate! Your place was so peaceful...the sound of the surf was just what tired souls needed! We truly enjoyed ourselves, and Gladys and Hector were most helpful to us. They helped us locate fresh lobster from a guy named Freddy. It was exquisite!  Thanks again for the lovely accommodations. My Aunt Iris really enjoyed the time we spent together there!

          Sally Laney


THANKS for the great vacation spot ... you guys have done a great job with the place. We loved the big porch and of course, the sunsets!  Santos, and all the others were nice and helpful.  Thanks again for a super place. 

          Lee Poindexter


The surf spots are excellent.  This is a side of Heaven.

          Caslos F Ledie


We had a wonderful time.  Itís a beautiful place you have here, so beautiful we are planning to come back soon.

          Migdalia & Edwin Ruit Y familia


I feel like Adam in Paradise so thank you for renting your house.

          American Jimmy


Youíre right, this is a Sunset Paradise.  Right now we are sad.  We must go, but we are back here soon.  Take care and thanks.

          H.F. Mortgage and Company


We loved the verandah & the view of the ocean, with the waves pounding the sand beach.  Rincon is very comfortable - (language and nice people) - very relaxing.

          Jeff, Vickie, Paul & Donna of Bettendorf, IA


Coming back to P.R. after a 35 year absence was such a great experience!  Some things change but some things stayed the same!  Great weather and friendly people!

          Linda Pritchard, St. Louis, MO & Ruth Brabbe, Omaha, NE & Shirley Miller and Bruce Crabbe of Omaha, NE


Had a great 10 days.  Accommodations are excellent.  Did a couple of day trips (caves & mall) but itís most beautiful right here.

          Gail of Maine


Lovely accommodations. Puerto Rico is a warm, friendly place to visit.  The people go out of their way to be helpful.  On more than one occasion, when we asked directions, the people offered to show us the way, and let us follow. The managers, Gladys and Hector are kind people and will go out of their way to help you.  Wish we had more time to stay longer.  And yet if we could stay longer, Iím not sure we would budge away from this deck and the sound of the surf.

          Jim & Sally Laney (The Mermaid and the Dolphin) of Galveston, TX


Villa II was great.  What a view. We really love Puerto Rico and Rincon.  Thanks for a great time. Weíll be back.

          Bob and Darla Evans and Connie and Tom Sanders


We have had an absolutely idyllic stay here.  This house is so clean and comfortable and the porch/patio is bliss!  The water was heavenly, also a lovely temperature. 

          The Conrads, McLean, Virginia


This is our last night here ad we have to say that we have had a wonderful relaxing, quiet time here.  We didnít get to visit many places but all we wanted was to lay back and enjoy the house, the porch and the view.  The house was nice and everything was perfect.

          Nelson and Iris


May God bless all of those who will be spending their vacation here!  I will spread the word of this wonderful place so others could enjoy.


After an amazing week here in Rincon, we are ready to return to the world.  The trip to Desecheo Island for snorkeling and discovery dives was absolutely incredible.  The dive caption helped us acquire fresh lobster and tuna, costing next to nothing.  We all enjoyed the house very much.  It has been a nice quiet getaway.  The beach was great for laying in the sun and finding beautiful sea shells.  The neighbors are all very friendly and would help anyone.

          Ruddís, Yearginís and Petersonís


Iím Jessica and I love the beach.  I do not want to go home.



Saw the whales right in front of the house! Awesome!!!

          Colleen, Randy, Zachary and Jessica Ernesti of Buffalo, Minnesota


The entire family had a fabulous time.  The children enjoyed the games and the water.  The grandparents liked sitting upstairs on the roof in the evening. What we really liked about this place is the beach, so beautiful and uncrowded, with pelicans and seagulls, fish jumping out of the water and crabs on the sand.  Weíll definitely be back.

          The Ayales of Fremond, CA and Guaynabo, PR


I just wanted to let you know how much we enjoyed our stay at Villa 1 from 12/11 to 12/16. The weather was perfect - every day! The 6 of us so enjoyed our ďrelaxingĒ stay.  The patio was our favorite place - hardly left it.  We tried a number of local restaurants which turned out to be very good. So, thanks again and I hope to visit Rincon again soon!

          Lyn Forker of Wappingers Falls, NY



We had a perfect holiday at the Sunset Paradise Villas. Everything was wonderful and having the family together at this special time in such a special place gave us the best holiday ever! We didnít miss the Northeastern Christmas at all. We even were able to tnd a Christmas pine tree in San Juan and brought it out.  We had many family and friends visit us over the nine days away and they all walked out with a brochure. Our family in San Juan will probably be calling with a reservation soon. They all loved your house. Your next door neighbor, Nelson Noriega. was charming and friendly and helpful and a whole lot of fun. He made our connection to the community so very interesting. From our 4-month old baby cousin, to my 84-year old mother. Thank you very, very much for a wonderful Rincon holiday. We hope to make this a family tradition.

          Judith Langan of  NY, NY


We were delighted with the accommodations. It was great to getaway to such a beautiful place. I fell in love with your hammock. Thank you so much for sharing your house with us. My wife Nancy & I want to go back, but Iím afraid it wonít be for a couple of years. If you would like for me to write a recommendation on the net or elsewhere, just let me know.

          Mike Mayrhofer


Just a short note to thank you for the wonderful stay at you villa last week. We appreciate the hospitality, the convenience and the welcoming you have created.  Hector and Gladys were most accommodating and helpful.  We both enjoyed our time in Rincon so much that are considering purchasing property for investment as well as personal use.  I will like to get your opinion if

we come across the ideal property. We hope to book the upstairs when we visit next time, will be back in touch. Again, thank you for everything.

          Cynthia & Jackson Peng  NY, NY


Yes,  it's confirmed now...  your villas are very appropriately named!  Thank you so much for the opportunity to stay at your place in Rincon (I learned that is a long "o" in Rincon while I was there).  The only bad part of the entire trip was having to leave.  Loved being able to start off the

day by taking a dip in the ocean just a few steps away.  Here are some of the things I learned during the trip: 1.  As a passenger in the car driven by J.R.  - I will bring a blindfold to minimize the screams and white knuckles around every corner. 2.  I will pack a 1/4 of what I brought the first time 3.  I will take a nap in the hammock - gosh we were on the go! 4.  I will leave the horse back riding to the professionals.

5.  I won't give navigation directions by stating "turn left at the Medalla sign" - as there is a Medalla sign on practically every corner. 6.  I will wait to take off my snorkeling gear until I am out of the water as opposed to tossing it on the beach and see it get washed away by the waves:) 7.  I will show up to the "beside the point" afternoon reggae band before it's over 8.  I will buy those surfing shorts I regretted not buying 9.  I will import my own licorices - some people didn't even know what it was. 10. I will stay at least one extra day

          Tevis from Iowa


Just a small note to let you know that we enjoyed our family vacation at Sunset Paradise.  The location, views, accommodations, snorkeling, nearby attractions (and costs too) were just perfect!  Gladys was also very hospitable and helped out wherever needed. My only regret was that I could not stay longer. We're so looking forward to returning to your villa(s) for a big family reunion next summer.

          Sandie Colon   Miami, Florida


We had a wonderful time in Rincon and our family enjoyed the villa and all the places and people the fishing village had to offer. We found ourselves going to Emelina's far too often for pan de agua and quesitos!  Gladys and Hector were so very helpful and we feel like we developed a friendship with them.

Thanks,  Nita Michels from Minnesota


We had a good time at the villa. Didn't do much. Watched the pelicans (no
whales). Visited my second cousin and other Pennocks . Sightsaw, swam, gazed
at the spectacular sunsets and magnificent white clouds. Mahi mahi at the
Black Eagle. Wow! The villa is really lovely. So well furnished and
comfortable. Sunset Paradise deserves the name and is on our list for our next visit.
Thanks, Bill.
Tony, Susie, Mike, and Jan Pennock

Hello Bill & Joyce,

 I would like to thank you for the best accommodation in villa 2. This was my first visit as well as my kids to Puerto Rico and it was unbelievable. My son Anthony & daughter Alysha did not want to leave the villa. We all loved getting up in the morning and going for a swim in the beach, which is in the backyard. At night, we would just sit on the beach looking at the stars and wetting are feet. My son would say, ďMom this is the lifeĒ.   The villa was very comfortable and clean, the view breath taking. Nice quiet get away everything was perfect. My daughter collected shells on the beach. All in all ďIT WAS PERFECT! BEAUTIFUL, COMFORTABLE, CLEAN FAMILY PLACE TO STAY.  I will recommend the Sunset Paradise to friends, family even enemies! I will definitely be staying over at the Sunset Paradise and thatís what it is. My brother will be calling you next year, I gave him the brochure already. The money was well spent. See you next year!! AGAIN, THANK YOU FOR A UNFORGETTABLE VACATION. SUNSET PARADISE, RINCON PR IS THE VACATION SPOT!!!

Nilsa Velez, Anthony, Alysha & Alfredo Gonzalez


Just got back to work today...I would much prefer hanging out on the porch at the villa.  I just wanted to tell you that we had a GREAT time. It was almost  perfect weather...a few showers each day but not too bad. The roads to Mayaquez flood often, huh? That was a fun experience ;-). My only complaint was the directions from San Juan. We eventually figured it out but it took us 3.5 hours to get there...but much shorter to get back when we figured it out...maybe I will write up better direction for those of us who are "directionally challenged" ;-). The house was great and I have been raving about it to all of my friends and colleagues and anyone else who will listen. I will definitely be back at some point...I am trying to get my sisters to plan a vacation together and P.R. and your place are top of my list!
Thanks again for a great place to stay which added to our wonderful time. I will get your ďofficial" evaluation out in the mail soon. I didn't get a chance to leave a message in the book because neither of us had a pen and there was not one anywhere in the house. Oh well...next time. Take care

Wendy Lombardo Assistant Director International Students and Scholars Office Cornell University



We have just received our deposit back and it reminded me that I wanted to send you a little note about our visit to Rincon. It was lovely. Hector and Gladys are thoroughly delightful--attentive and friendly. We really enjoyed the neighborhood setting and the quiet beaches...it was a real slice of something different for us.

What is the availability of lower Villa 1 next January? end of March? We are working on some friends to go down with us next time--so perhaps the availability of the other units might be helpful as well.

We will be working on our Spanish!

Thanks--your properties are very nice.



Dear Bill,

I just wanted to let you know how much my husband and I enjoyed our stay in Rincon. Even though we were disappointed that Upper Villa I was booked at the time we needed, we were so appreciative of the help you gave us. Everything you said about Rincon was true - we will try to come back often and will be in touch immediately to rent from you next time. We did walk by your villas several times - they really are special..

Barbara Vilkomerson


Just wanted to thank you again for a wonderful visit to the villa! We had a great time and the weather was wonderful! We look forward to coming down again next year!
Anne Kohler & Drew Yurasek

Great place to stay. Enjoyed it very much, it was like a 2nd honeymoon for us

George Blednick - Melville NY


We enjoyed our stay at your villa very much!

Linda Turnage  - Sanbornton  NH


Enjoyed the waterfront living. The backroom was excellent for small child. Deck was very, very nice. Hector and Gladys were very nice and helpful. Thank you

Michael Albin  - Valatie  NY

Gladys and Hector are gems and very kind people. Our villa was very clean when we arrived.

Colleen Olson - Sanbornton NH


The facility was outstanding, the location excellent. The town conveniences outstanding The dive Co was top of the line. Our British friends Loved the Villa. They too will return with family. Thank you, It was perfect!

Richard Wells - Davenport  IA


We enjoyed the laid back atmosphere in Rincon; the beautiful sunsets from the deck

Fred & Caren Levin  - Blue Bell PA


I never came around after the stay to thanking you for the incredible time we had at the Villa. Especially the children. They had a great time at the beach. Plus they were able to see some dolphins pass by. It was also extremely relaxing. Laying back in the hammock, catching that refreshing sea breeze, while listening to the breaking tide ... wish I were there right now. Just getting away from the everyday routine without having to leave the island was definitely the way to go.  Thanks again, 

Jose G. Rodriguez


Just wanted to thank you once again for letting us stay at villa 2 upper - we had a really great time.  Judy and I also really liked the tour you gave us of villa 1 upper.  I think the next time we come to rincon, we will try to rent that one since it looks perfect for a couple.  Hope your 3 week trip down there is successful and relaxing.
Jake and Judy McMahon


Dear Mr. and Mrs. Jugenheimer,

We just wanted to thank you for allowing us the opportunity to stay at your Villa 1 upper.   It was truly a beautiful, if not magical...but all too short vacation.   The Villa itself was immaculate and the layout was absolutely fabulous. It was fit for a king...and queen.  The upfront and personal view of the beach and ocean was awesome and the weather was great.  We found that as each day unfolded the total experience was even more breathtaking than the day before.


Thank you again for providing us with the opportunity to use your home.  It was absolutely fantastic and will long be remembered.   Wishing you well.  May your days be blessed. Sincerely,

Ron Rubin and Jolie Arenas 


Dear Bill:
Just wanted to thank you for the fabulous family vacation at Villa 2. We had such a wonderful time. Everything was perfect (weather too) and Gladys took such good care of us. You have done an outstanding job with the marketing and presentation of the units. The detailed information book, logo mugs and helpful recommendations
made the trip special. It was the perfect combination of a luxury home in a quaint seaside town. Sadly, we are back to reality and many inches of snow here in Massachusetts. We would like to book the villa for next Christmas if possible. Sunset Paradise is the first place everyone in the family voted to do a return
visit to. I'm looking at Monday, Dec. 22 to Tuesday the 30th. You can charge our credit card for the booking deposit or I can send you a check whichever you prefer.
Sharon Gazda