About Us


We are members of the Puerto Rico Hotel and Tourism Association, Caribbean Villa Owners Association, Trip Advisor, and also the Tourism Association of Rincon, which we have been members since we started Sunset Paradise Villas over 16 years ago.  We are not part of a large corporation, but run our property ourselves with direct contact with many of our guests.  We are very involved and we are always improving our properties to maintain the highest standards and to ensure high guest satisfaction.

We began Sunset Paradise Villas after our first trip to Puerto Rico in 1995.  While we were on vacation, we found this “handyman special” beachfront home. Below is a picture of the Realtor showing us the home for the first time.  It had the best beach and views just right outside the door. After extensive remodeling, we began renting it out. It is now called “Villa 1 lower” but at the time there was no “upper” or “Villa 2” or "Villa 3". Within a year after the first unit was purchased, we bought Villa 2, which was also only one story. We then had two rental units.  We then moved to Puerto Rico and built a second story on Villa 2 for us to live in. We built a large two bedroom unit that had everything we wanted.  But both Villa 1 and Villa 2 was always full, so we decided to also rent out the upper of Villa 2.  We then moved back to the states and currently live in Phoenix.  After our move, we started to add a second story to Villa 1. Again, this was constructed not as a rental, but as a nice place that we could stay in when we are back in Rincon.  We have again since decided to rent it when we are not staying there.  Many people loved the extras that are not found in a typical rental unit in Puerto Rico.

Several years ago (2005) the small home next to Villa 2 became available.  Although we really was not interested in building more units, we thought we should buy this because we seem to be full and turning away more and more guests.  We took a very small (around 800 sq ft) home and turned it into a 9 bedroom, 6 bathroom - Villa 3.  To top it off, we installed a swimming pool, spa, bathroom/shower/changing room, and covered areas to relax all on the rooftop that spans Villa 3 and Villa 2.  This is available for all of our guests to use.  It has been a long time coming and presented many challenges, but we are now finished and accepting reservations.  It has turned out better than we anticipated - our finest unit yet.  

We are both from Iowa, where we grew up. I have always been involved in real estate and Joyce, my wife, worked as a teacher and later, career counseling in a private university. We have one daughter, Alexis, who is going to college at Fort Lewis in Durango CO.  We enjoy the ocean and travel back to Puerto Rico as much as we can. 


Also another very important part of our family is Jake (pictured on the right) and Sam (pictured on the left), two dogs we got from Puerto Rico.  We love dogs and support Arf, http://arfrincon.org an animal rescue foundation in Rincon, Puerto Rico.  We have brought back several "satos" or stray beach dogs to our home here in Arizona.  We also support dog rescues in Puerto Penasco, Mexico


These units are about us. We like relaxing places on the beach that we can enjoy as our home and that others can come to and do the same. We take pride in providing a clean and very comfortable place for our guests to relax during their visit to the west coast of Puerto Rico.  Rated as one of the top places to stay in Rincon, by Trip Advisor.  Read our reviews at Trip Advisor