Discover Puerto Rico

Please take time to explore the mountains that are only a few miles away, an unbelievable tropical rain forest, stunning caves, pristine reefs, and more than 500 years of colorful history. Puerto Rico offers something for everyone: hiking, fishing, scuba diving, snorkeling, surfing, playing golf or tennis. It also has some of the Caribbean’s best shopping, restaurants, casinos, and history to explore.

Puerto Rico is where the past meets the present, in a perfect blend of the old and the new. Turn your visit into an adventure!

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Traveler Basics

Area Code

The area code is 787 and you have to dial it even for local calls. A calling card is recommended.


Currency is the US dollar. Banking days are normally Monday through Friday. ATM machines (ATH in Puerto Rico) are available, and Major credit cards are accepted in most establishments.


Warm and sunny! Puerto Rico enjoys a tropical climate. Temperatures average 82 degrees Fahrenheit year round, and normally there is a nice ocean breeze. Get the current weather in Rincon, Puerto Rico.


Puerto Rico is part of the US, so no passport is required for US citizens. There are no custom duties for items taken in or out. Check with the Department of Agriculture (787-253-4505) as some fruits and live plants are prohibited by law from entering the US main land.


For the most part, common sense is all you need. This is true especially for San Juan, like any major city, you may want to use a little more caution on where you go, particularly at night. The other parts of the island can be very different — more tranquil and friendly. Rincon, enjoys very few violent crimes. Most crimes that do occur, are crimes of opportunity: like leaving expensive items in an unlocked car for an extended period of time.


It’s the tropics! Dress is very causal. In some nicer restaurants, or if you go to larger cities shopping, you may want to wear a nice casual sporty attire, but in Rincon, dress to be comfortable!


Be Careful! Puerto Rico tends to have aggressive (sometimes crazy) drivers. A US driver’s license is valid and there are many car rental agencies to choose from. Driving is on the right and most US road rules apply

Drinking Water

The water is safe, but many prefer bottled water.


Is the same as US mainland (110 volt, 60 cycles ac).


Many major hotels have casinos/gambling. You have to be 21 or older to be admitted. The closest is in Mayaguez.


Puerto Rico’s official languages are BOTH Spanish and English. While Spanish tends to be the island’s primary language, English is widely spoken and you should not have any problems, particularly in major areas.

Liquor laws

The legal drinking age is 18.


Puerto Rico is located 1000 miles southeast of Miami. Rincon, is on the west coast at the western most point, where the Atlantic and Caribbean meet. Click here to view a map of where we are located.


Medical facilities are are among the best in the Caribbean. There are hospitals in all the major towns and cities.


Is delivered by the US post office and the rates are the same as the US main land.


A rabies vaccination certificate, not more than 30 days old and a health certificate not more than 10 days old are required to bring dogs or cats to the island.


3.9 million people, of which, over 1/2 live in the San Juan area.


Most denominations have English services in the larger towns. For a listings of churches refer to the Yellow Pages under Iglesias in Spanish, or Churches in English.


The roads are generally good. The main roads are like typical American freeways — that at certain times of the day, in major cities, you get traffic jams. The roads into the center, more rural area tend to be narrow and twisty. All major roads are paved. The road signs are in Spanish and the distances are given in kilometers, but the speed in MPH. Fuel is sold by the liter. Confused yet?


Puerto Rico is about 100 by 35 miles. It will take you about 2 hours to get from San Juan to Rincon.


Puerto Rico just started charging sales tax. The amount depends on what city/town you are in. The hotels charge a 9% government room tax, 11% if they have a casino.

Time Zone

Puerto Rico is on Atlantic Standard time, which is 1 hour ahead of Eastern time and the same as eastern daylight time.

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