Weddings & Special Events

Look no further than Sunset Paradise Villas for your special occasion!  

Nowhere else in Rincon will you find such a perfect place to gather with friends and family to celebrate and make memories to last a lifetime!  We offer a newly expended huge rooftop pool area with gorgeous views of the Caribbean. Our property offers choices of units, so no matter the size, whether you are a party of two or a large group of 50, our villas can be rented individually or in any combination, for a total of up to 25 bedrooms.

Unlike any hotel or other rental place available, we offer the perfect spot!  We have approximately 20,000 sq. feet of property for large gatherings and events (up to around 100 people).   

We have been a favorite location for family reunions, corporation retreats and there was even for a music video made at our Villas. Caution: I do not speak Spanish well, but I have been told this Music Video is a bit “adult rated”.

Getting Married in Rincon

Many people have gotten married on the beach just outside our Villas. It is a perfect setting for a romantic place to give your vows. A great backdrop is the sunset while the waves lap in the background. With miles of  sandy beaches to hold your special day, you will experience a moment that will last a lifetime.

To personally guide you, and to answer all your questions, please call Joyce direct. Her cell phone is 623-866-8613. We will try to guide you any way we can in making this a very special day. Please keep in mind, we are NOT a hotel and we do not just rent rooms. We can provide all your guests with completely furnished, private homes with kitchen, dining room, living room, and bedrooms. Everything is included, from sheets and linens in the bedrooms, pots and pans in the kitchen, to towels, soap, shampoo, and built in hair dryers in the bathrooms.  We can accommodate up to 50 of your overnight wedding guests comfortably in 8 private completely furnished Villas.

We have had a lot of smaller, casual weddings and private receptions (up to around 100 people).  Also check out Pictures of Weddings at our property.  We can also direct you to professional wedding planners that can assist you in making your special day as stress free as possible.  You will find our prices reasonable compared to what others charge for their accommodations.  We feel we have one of the best places you can get in the area and we are not the “typical rental” that you might find else where.

Wedding Resources & Information

Like most states and countries, Puerto Rico has a few guidelines to follow in order to get married on the island. Proper I. D., birth certificate and blood test within ten days of the marriage are required. When arriving on the island, you will want to go to the Department of Health to receive the initial marriage license papers, visit a physician to verify your tests and then to the Marriage License Bureau. Some of these items can be done before by contacting the Health Bureau.  You may want to also contact Judge Cyndia Irizarry who has performed at many destination weddings.  Her email is [email protected] and her phone is 787-385-3631.

Best  Puerto Rico Weddings has lots of information.   We are happy to offer assistance and guidance in making this a very special occasion.  Any questions, call (623) 866-8613 or email Joyce at [email protected]  For more Wedding/Large Group information, please visit our page here.


Rachel Tanner is a photographer who we highly recommend. You can call her direct at  (787) 546-8544 or view her website 

Not only has  she captured many weddings, she can offer guidance and assist in setting up other wedding  aspects. Email: [email protected]

Francis and Greg takes great pictures and are a wealth of information.  “More like family than wedding photographers.  Their web site is  They can be reached at  (787) 546-8957 or email: [email protected] They posted pictures of a few recent weddings and receptions at our place and also at

Catering & Chef Services

Allison West has catered beautiful weddings and events at our villas. You can reach her at (404) 668-7456  or by email: [email protected]. View her website here for more information at  Allison is also a personal chef and has a team of event chefs available upon request.  Check out some of the menus she has available at  and

Wilson Rios and Family 787-479-8503 Great family. cook out of their home.    

Special Event/Wedding Planner

If you are planning a larger event or if you need additional help we suggest a professional wedding event planner.

Allison West 

Phone: (404) 668-7456  


Email : [email protected]


Phone : (787) 556-8961


Email:  [email protected]

Why You Should Have A Destination Wedding In Puerto Rico

 This is a guest post. Read more wedding tips by Mark Wilcox at 

If you’re thinking about getting married abroad, you’ve made a great choice. Destination weddings can be wonderful for newlyweds, and they can be great for their families as well. When people have to travel to attend a wedding, it’s easy to keep a guest list small. You can limit a wedding to the people that really need to be there.  If you’re trying to find a place for your destination wedding, you should strongly consider Puerto Rico. It has a lot to offer! Here are a few  of the perks:

It’s Part Of The U.S.

While Puerto Rico isn’t a state, it is a United States territory. That means that traveling to Puerto Rico from the US is extremely simple. You won’t need to worry about your passport; you’ll be able to arrive in Puerto Rico with ease.

It Has Incredible Beaches

One of the main things that people look for when they try to find a destination wedding site is beaches. A beautiful beach is a wonderful place to get married. It’s nice for guests, and it looks fantastic in photographs. Puerto Rico is known for its beaches. In fact, some of them have even won awards. You will have your choice of beaches to frequent, from tourist-friendly beaches to quiet beaches that are off the beaten path. You’ll be able to explore and enjoy the territory’s blue water and white sands.

It Has Lush Rainforests

Although Puerto Rico is home to plenty of beaches, that isn’t all it has to offer. You can also explore rainforests while you’re here. You’ll be able to see beautiful plants and all kinds of animals, including creatures that you would never be able to see back home. You can take a guided tour through the rainforests, or go exploring on a hike. Visiting the rainforest is a great way to ensure that your trip is memorable for all your guests. Your wedding won’t be the only exciting thing about this Puerto Rico vacation!

There Are Places To Eat And Shop

There are many vibrant cities in Puerto Rico. While you’re here, you’ll be able to eat at world-class restaurants, do some serious shopping, and explore various downtown areas. Puerto Rico’s cosmopolitan cities also mean that you will have plenty of wedding vendors to choose from. You will be able to choose from several skilled photographers, and find talented hair and makeup artists. You’ll have no shortage of options available to you.

When you opt to get married in Puerto Rico, you get a little bit of everything. You get a Carribean-esque locale; you get an exciting nightlife. You get everything you need for an amazing event.  Take a closer look at what Puerto Rico has to offer. If you want to get married in a place that is truly special, then this is a territory you will want to take a closer look at. It is uniquely beautiful, and it offers something special to everyone that visits it.