Welcome to Sunset Paradise Villas and Rincon, Puerto Rico!


Traveling can be frustrating and tiring. At times, just getting here can be a challenge. But try to “settle in”, relax and unwind. Things are slower paced down here and everything does not always work as it should. There is a manana attitude (put it off until tomorrow), so try to take things as they come and enjoy your tropical getaway. Please let Grizel 787-618-3270 know immediately, if you are unsatisfied with the condition of the unit, or there are any areas that got overlooked and needs attention. If you notice anything is not working, damaged or broken, or have any other concerns, please contact Carlos 939-642-3655 in maintenance. Do not contact the office in AZ. The latest, most complete listing of all our contact information is always posted on our web site www.SunsetParadiseVillas.com under “Welcome” then “Contact Us” link. Unless it is an emergency, the normal hours are 9 AM till 5 PM Monday thru Friday. If unavailable, please leave a message, or try sending a text.

To assist you in having a great stay, we have provided a guidebook for your use. Please look for it and read it. It has lots of information and should answer many of your questions. We also have the latest version posted on our web site www.SunsetParadiseVillas.com. The web site also can answer many of your questions, and is a great resource guide to make your stay more enjoyable. To access the internet, simply connect to the best open wireless network and enter password “paradise” (case sensitive).

Please enjoy our rooftop swimming pool located on the roof of Villa 2 and Villa 3. There are many lounge chairs for you to enjoy and the views are great! When you go to the pool, please be careful and walk cautiously, as the stairs to the roof are steeper than normal steps. We also have just completed installing a hot tub located up the stairs between Villa 1 and 4. Both are available for all our guests. The gate code is “C67Y”. We have guest laundry facilities available for our guests staying 4 days or longer. Please see housekeeping for the door code. For guests staying less than four days, housekeeping will provide a towel exchange upon request. Prior to your departure, all garbage should be taken to the trash containers, all dishes, pots and pans should be washed and put away. You may leave leftover food items as we give them to the neighbors who are less fortunate. Check-out is before 10 AM. Please turn off all air conditioners, lights, and ceiling fans before leaving. Take one last look to make sure you did not forget any items you brought with you and then make sure you lock all the doors.

We will be sending you a short survey to fill out after your stay with us. Please let us know now during your stay, if there would be any reason we would not receive a top (5 star) rating on this survey from you. We greatly value your input and are always looking to improve and appreciate your comments and suggestions.

Thank you for staying with us.

William Jugenheimer

– Sunset Paradise Villas –

Please Contact Us

It is our goal to provide a clean and comfortable home for your stay with us. Please take a moment and note the condition of the unit upon your arrival. We encourage your feedback and are happy to assist you with any concerns you may have throughout your

Some things you might consider:
Is there anything broken or needing attention? Is the unit clean and in acceptable condition? Are there any leaks under the kitchen or bathroom sinks? Any light bulbs burned out? Are there batteries in remotes that need replacing? Any loose screws in the tables, chairs, door knobs or other items that need to be tightened? Are there any additional items you might need to make your stay more comfortable? We want to address your concerns as soon as they are noted!

We Want a 5 Star Rating!
If at any time you have a suggestion on how we can improve our service or the Villas, please let us know. We encourage you to let us know what you love as well. We are here to ensure you have a memorable experience at the Villas, so please do not hesitate to
contact us if there are any concerns upon arrival or during your stay. We will send you a survey after your stay and you will be asked to rate us from 1 to 5 stars. Our Rincon staff’s pay is based on the reviews we get! Please let them know now, if there is any reason you would not give the Villas a 5 Star rating. They would love to have the opportunity to correct the situation.

If you have any issues during your stay, please contact our local Rincon staff (listed at the bottom of the main page) first, before calling the office in Arizona

Things You Should Know

We offer a completely furnished private home with all the fine amenities that you want! Think of
this home as your home, “Mi casa es su casa”, and experience the casual lifestyle of living on the
beach. Our goal is to have you relax, unwind and get comfortable while enjoying the peace of the
ocean and the beauty of the Puerto Rican culture around you. We provide you with a different,
more private experience than what you would have by renting a room at a large hotel or resort
complex. Instead of being with hundreds of other “tourists”, we are located in a typical Puerto
Rican neighborhood.

Very Important – Please keep in mind things are slower paced in Puerto Rico and everything does
not always work as you may be accustomed to. There is a manana attitude (put it off until
tomorrow), so try to relax and take things as they come.

Owner’s Personal Suggestion – You have rented a beach home… ENJOY…the BEACH and OCEAN.
Enjoy walks down the beach and have fun exploring. Take full advantage of the pool or enjoy
relaxing next to the ocean on the beautiful sandy beach. This is your special time to relax, play,
read a book or nap. Get rejuvenated in body and soul.

A/C – During the summer it can get hot, so we have A/C available for your comfort and reasonable
use of electricity is included with our rates. Electricity is VERY expensive in Puerto Rico and our
A/C (electric) bill has been over $3000 per month ($100 per day)! Because of past abuse, we have
installed monitors that allow us to remotely monitor the A/C settings. “Think Green” and try to
minimize the A/C requirements. Please keep the AC off when it is not needed or if you are gone for
the day. We suggest you open the windows during the night and close them when the heat of the
day comes. Please DO turn on the ceiling fans; doing this you will find that the A/C is not needed,
or not needed as much. Recommended setting is 78 (26 Celsius) or higher. For those that use the
A/C reasonably there are not any surcharges. There is a modest $10 daily surcharge for any
settings at or below 74 (24 Celsius). We consider any setting at or below 70 (21 Celsius) to be
“unreasonable use of utilities” and to be in violation of the rental agreement. See Utilities and
Violation sections for more details. Please be aware of the thermostat settings! Part of your
deposit will be charged and not returned. If you have any questions, please contact us. Please note:
setting the temperature lower DOES NOT get the house cooler quicker!

BBQ – We provide a BBQ for your use and convenience, please help keep it clean. It is a gas BBQ so
please be sure to turn off the gas after you use the grill. Because of the beach and saltwater, the
automatic igniters go out very quickly, so you need to light the grill manually. There should be a
lighter inside the kitchen, somewhere. No Charcoal Please – it will destroy the grill! PLEASE keep
the cover on the grill at all times when not in use, as the natural elements of the salt and ocean are
especially corrosive.

Bugs – They like warm tropical climates. To minimize bugs (ants etc) keep dishes clean, wipe up
crumbs and spills off the countertops, place open bags of food in the refrigerator for storage, and
frequently take the garbage outside to the trash can, which is in front of the house. In case you do
see bugs or very small ants, we keep bug spray under the kitchen sink. If it gets low, let us know.
The best way to control them is to keep the kitchen area clean. Mosquitoes are very common in
tropical places and you may want to use insect repellent, particularly if it has just rained or the sun
is about to set. Wipe up standing water to keep mosquitoes from being attracted to the area. Most
types of flying bugs are attracted to light, so at night you may want to close the doors, or turn off
the lights, so they do not go inside. If you see any small lizards don’t be alarmed. They are
harmless and are very helpful by eating a lot of the insects.


1) Since we are always doing improvements, there may be some minor construction going
on and there may be construction materials on site, so use caution when walking around outside.

2) Tile floors inside and out can be very slick when wet. Be very careful walking on the wet tile. A
first aid kit is provided and can be found under the kitchen sink or in a bathroom.

3) Coconut trees are plentiful on many tropical islands. Please be careful if standing or sitting under a coconut tree,
you never know when a coconut may fall. If it hits you on the head it will hurt!

4) The kitchen counter-tops are made of very expensive real granite stone. Please do not use anything abrasive to
clean them or any harsh chemicals, just water is needed. Do not stand or set anything heavy on the
counter tops. They may crack.

5) Use Sunscreen! We’d hate to have a sunburn ruin all your fun.

Cleaning/Housekeeping – The home has been cleaned prior to your arrival. Please contact
housekeeping IMMEDIATELY if we missed a spot. We are happy to come back. We want you
satisfied with the cleanliness. While linens and bath towels are included in the unit, daily maid
service is not included in the rental rate. If you would like daily or additional cleaning service, you
can make arrangements directly with the manager. The property should be left in a reasonably clean
condition when vacating. Please, do NOT use the white bath and hand towels or the beach
towels provided to clean up any mess. White towels should ONLY be used for bathing. The cost
of replacing any white towels will be charged against your deposit. A box of cleaning rags should be
inside the home and are available for guest use. A broom and mop are also available for guests to
use during their stay and should also be located within your home. All dishes, kitchen items, pots
and pans should be cleaned, dried and put away. All garbage should be securely put in the trash
containers by the street. Any excessive cleaning or the cost of any damages caused by the guests
will be deducted from the deposit. Examples of excessive cleaning: beer cans/water
bottles/cigarette butts or any other debris left on the grounds and not bagged and taken to trash

Common Sense – Very little major crime occurs in Rincon, but common sense should be used. What
little crime that does occur is “crime of opportunity”. Example: Do not leave your car unlocked,
especially with an expensive camera inside. When you leave, lock the doors and make sure you do
not leave anything of value lying around in plain sight. You are held responsible for any loss or
missing items. The use of common sense will help to “not

Culture – The people of Puerto Rico tend to be passionate and LOUD at times. This is certainly
true during the holidays, any special celebrations, and the election season. If they are celebrating
a birthday or holiday with friends and family, the music is normally played loudly. From time to time
you will find people driving in groups (like a parade) and playing their music VERY LOUDLY, this can
be accompanied by flashing lights and sirens. You will also hear a lot of cars driving around the
neighborhood with loudspeakers on the roofs during the day, although this can be disturbing at
times, it is a widely used method of advertising.

Door locks -This is another one of the “use common sense” items. When you leave the house be
sure to lock all the doors. The front main door to your unit has a programmable push button code;
if the push button door does not lock, make sure the door is closed all the way. Normally, if there
is a problem, the door bolt is not aligned properly with the hole into the door jamb. At times you
may have to “wiggle” (pull/push) the door to make sure the door pin and the hole are aligned
properly. If the door pin does not move or make any noise, most likely the batteries are either
dead or are loose; remove the back cover and check the batteries. VERY IMPORTANT – We do
remotely monitor when guests check in and when they check out.

Electronics – We have provided satellite TV with over 200 channels for you to watch and we also
stream thousands of additional music channels, movies and TV shows. Please find and read the
electronics instructions for more details on how everything works. Copies can be found in the guest
guide book and also in the separate channel guide that should be in the room by the TV. There is
also an electronics guide posted on our web site. There are a lot of wires and cables and it can get
very confusing very quickly. So, if you need help, ASK. PLEASE DO NOT RE-WIRE the system.
There will be a fee of at least $50 if ANY re-wiring is done.

Enjoy – You have rented a beach house so take full advantage and enjoy the sun, the sand, and ocean
breezes. Please help us to keep costs down by only running the air conditioners when needed. Many
of our past guests prefer to enjoy the tropical indoor/outdoor living simply by opening the doors
and windows to fully embrace the ocean breezes. They prefer not to close up the house and run the
air conditioning. Electricity is very expensive on the island; so, if you do decide to run the air, run
only the air conditioners in the rooms you are in and remember to shut off all air conditioners when
you leave. It doesn’t take long to cool the house or bedroom down in the evening. But, again, to
truly experience the tropics, try opening the doors and windows and let the breezes flow. In
addition, please turn off lights and fans when you leave or when they are no longer needed. Keep the
refrigerator door closed so food doesn’t spoil. Once in a while the electricity may go out for short
periods of time. If this occurs, there should be candles in the kitchen that you may want to use.
Explore – If you go exploring around the island, please be sure to: 1) Watch out for Crazy Drivers!
Back in the states, drivers are taught to drive defensively. Here the drivers drive offensively!
Drivers are a lot more aggressive. 2) Watch for the unexpected. You never know what you might
see. 3) Get a good road map. We do have a Tourist map of Rincon available, but because it is not to
scale, use it as a guide only. Do not be afraid to stop and ask for directions. Many of the local
people are not wealthy and live in poorer housing conditions, but they are friendly and are eager to
help if you have such a need.

Floors – While the home and floors are cleaned prior to you arrival, the elements from the ocean
breeze and the beach do tend to leave a film on the floors. This is normal, especially if doors and
windows are left open. Try to keep the sand on the beach and wipe your feet before coming inside
Hammocks – We have hammocks available for your use. Check either inside, or outside the Villa. If
you do not see any, please contact one of our staff members.

Internet – We provide a “high speed” internet connection for you at no extra charge… CAUTION:
Remember, we are in Puerto Rico and “High Speed” might not be as fast as you are used to (in the
states). In addition, (see above under “Very Important”) things do not always work as they should!
At times, the connection speed is SLOW and it does go down (quits working) more often than it
does in the states… But, we do provide the best service available to us. We have added an
extensive “network” of routers, access points, antennas, and repeaters. They should send out a good
wi-fi signal throughout the home and property, but of course the signal will be stronger the closer
you are to any one of the sources of the signal. All have the same password of “paradise” (all small
– no caps) so log on should be easy. Log on to any and/or all that show a strong signal. If internet
goes down check all the networks to see if they ALL are down, or just one. If you are having
problems first check to see if everyone is having problems. If it is just you, it is with your computer
or device.

FYI – If you have to get on-line quickly and cannot wait for the wifi to get back up working, you can
create a “hotspot” with your cell phone and use your data from your phone. It will also provide
internet for the Roku device so you can watch many shows and movies
Kayaks – We have several Kayaks available for your use at No Charge. See one of our staff

Laundry – We have a guest laundry facility available for our guests staying 4 days or longer. It is
located at Villa 2, under the stairs leading to the pool. Please see housekeeping for the door code.
For guests staying less than four days, housekeeping will provide a towel exchange upon request.
Large Groups/Events – We enforce a very strict occupancy limit and are renting the homes to the
number of people indicated on the reservation form. No additional guest(s) are allowed on the
property without prior approval. Before and after each guest’s stay with us, we do a thorough
inspection of the property to note any differences between check in and check out. Please be
aware: past experience has indicated there is a direct correlation between the amount of guests
and the amount of damages. We understand when there are many people staying at the homes it is
impossible for you to watch all your guests all of the time. If any issues occur, we of course, have
no idea exactly who in your party might be knowledgeable of the damages. We can only notify the
person making the reservation and hold that person responsible, even though many times you
personally may not even be aware of any damages or issues. Please visit our web site at
www.sunsetparadisevillas.com/downloads/LargeGroupSSP.pdf for complete information.

To protect yourself from being held responsible for damages in a villa you are not staying in, we
have a couple of suggestions: 1) The best protection for you is to purchase damage insurance. For
more information on Vacation Rental Protection go to www.vacationprotection.com or call 800-349-
8218. 2) You can have each villa reserved by an individual occupying the villa, therefore, this person
will be held responsible for any damages incurred. 3) If you are reserving the villa, but not staying
in it, we suggest you designate someone to be responsible for all charges that may occur due to
damage; however, this will be an agreement between the two of you and not with us. Please know
whoever is listed as the reservation holder for each villa will be held accountable for all damage
costs. Also see Occupancy.

Misc. – You may purchase floats, inexpensive snorkel gear and miscellaneous blow up beach items at
Kmart or Wal-Mart in Mayaguez.

Move in/out times – Check in is after 3 PM and check-out is by 10 AM. A late check-out may be
possible based on availability, but additional charges may apply. Most times we can do 1 hour early or
late times at no charge, but depending on the season, sometimes it is not possible. Early Check-In or
late Check-Out fees are 10% of your daily rate. Example: $300 rate is $30 per hour for any extra
hours. Late Check out after 3PM is another day rental fee. All time is rounded up to the nearest
full hour. VERY IMPORTANT – We do remotely monitor when guests check in and when they check
out. Any guests found to move in early or check out late without making prior arrangements will be
charged 20% of the daily rate per hour for all hours beyond the agreed to hours mentioned in this

Move In – Upon move in, please review the kitchen inventory sheets that are provided and
immediately let us know of any missing or damaged items. Please find the Guest Guidebook and read
it. There is a lot of very important information in it. The password for the internet and the “Who
to Contact” info should be posted on a wall.

Move Out – We strive to provide you with a clean and attractive place to stay. We would
appreciate your help when you leave by taking all garbage to the trash container at the street.
Make sure you put the trash inside the containers. Please check the unit prior to your departure to
ensure you do not leave any items behind. Please make sure all the dishes that you used are cleaned
and put away. We do charge if excessive cleaning is required. Any leftover food items may be left
in the refrigerator. If you have used the AC, make sure they are all turned OFF before leaving.
Each house has several A/C controls. You are responsible for any damages or missing items and
agree that any claims towards excessive cleaning, damage, missing items, or uncollected amounts
owed will be deducted from deposit.

No Smoking – We have a “no smoking” policy inside or within 10 feet the house.

Occupancy – We enforce a very strict occupancy limit and are renting the home to the number of
people you indicated on your reservation form. No additional guest(s) are allowed on the
property without prior approval. We do not allow sleeping on any of the couches. Also see Large
Groups/Events. At some point during your stay our manger will do a “Meet n Greet” to answer any
questions and to ensure your satisfaction. He/she will also be checking on the number of guests.
We also have cameras on the premises for your security and to ensure that there are not people on
the property that do not belong on the property. If a violation in occupancy occurs, any refundable
deposit will not be returned. The deposit will be used to help offset additional cleaning, utilities and
wear and tear. Management also reserves the right to terminate this agreement and any money
paid will be forfeited for any breach of this contract. Children under 13 years of age are not to
remain alone in the home.

Outages – Everything does not always work as you may be accustomed to in the states. At times
there are water, electrical and internet outages. We can only supply to you, what is supplied to us.
MOST times it is not an “issue. Please be aware we are a private home and like almost all private
vacation homes in Rincon, we do NOT have large expensive back-up power generators. Keep the
refrigerator door closed, and go to the beach. Everything seems to always work out ok. Chill, relax,
enjoy, and take things as they come. Walk the beach, take in the sights or find a restaurant to hang
out at for a little while. To notify the power company of an outage, or to ask how long before power
is restored you can contact the electrical service company Autoridad de Energia Electrica de
Puerto Rico 787-521-3434 or 800-981-2434. Water does stop from time to time, but we have
water reserve tanks, so most times you will not be aware of any water issues. There is a manana
attitude (put it off until tomorrow), so try to relax and take things as they come

Parking – Parking is limited. If you have a larger group, please try to consolidate the number of
cars in your group.

Pets – No pets are allowed unless previous arrangements have been made and the extra pet fee
(currently $75) has been paid. If a violation in occupancy occurs, you will forfeit any deposit.
Management also reserves the right to immediately terminate the rental and any money paid will be
forfeited for any breach of this contract.

Pool/Spa – We have the only rooftop infinity pool in Rincon! It is located on the rooftop of Villa 2
and Villa 3. We also just finished adding a Jacuzzi which is up a flight of stairs between Villa 1 and
Villa 4. Both areas are open to all our guests, no matter which villa you are staying in. On the pool
side rooftop, there are multiple levels of deck space, a shade areas plus a full bathroom. You can
usually find a nice breeze and the views are great! The rooftop is a great place to go at night to
view the stars; lights by the stairs should come on automatically at night. There is also another
light switch located just outside the bathroom that controls 2 additional lights under the concrete
shade area next to the bathroom. The pool lights are set to turn on at 6 PM and turn off at 11 PM.
Be extra careful of the stairs going to the top, the steps are steeper than normal and not all of the
steps are the same size; if you are not careful, you could trip. Again, tile can be slippery when wet,
please wash all the sand off your feet before getting to the top swimming level. We try to keep
sand off the top deck and out of the pool and there is a shower before the last set of stairs for
your use. PLEASE – No Smoking and NO Glass Containers. Watch your children there is NO running,
jumping, or horse play. There are not set pool hours but please be respectful of other guests at all
times and especially considerate with noise levels at night. The wireless internet works all around
the pool area for your convenience. It is recommended to shower first and wipe your feet before
getting into either the pool or the spa. Please do not wear cut off jeans, or street clothes and it is
recommended to remove all jewelry before entering the pool or spa. Some jewelry and swim wear
will get discolored and/or tarnish and your body lotions, oils and street clothes will cause the water
to get cloudy. Due to our proximity to the beach, Sand is everywhere! and it is impossible to keep
ALL sand out of the pool and is normal for a small amount of sand to settle at the bottom of both
the pool and spa. *Please note that some people may be more sensitive than others to the
chlorine/bromine in the water. If you find it irritating on skin, or eyes, do not use the pool or spa.
We do NOT provide oversight or a lifeguard. No children under the age of 12 permitted in the pool
or hot tubs without adult supervision. When using the pool or hot tub, remember there are certain
health and safety risks associated with use. Use at your own risk. PLEASE supervise your own

Respect – Please be respectful to neighbors and other guests. Please no loud noises or music.

Restaurants – There are many great restaurants in Rincon. As you can imagine, it is hard/impossible
to keep an up-to-date list of all the restaurants and their hours and detailed information is
impossible. We recommend using a restaurant guide like Trip Advisor
http://www.tripadvisor.com/Restaurants-g264369-Rincon_Puerto_Rico.html that is constantly
being updated for the latest information. You can also pick up several local free papers like
www.elcoquiofrincon.com that are widely available at local stores.

Safety Advisory – For the most part, common sense is all you need to be safe in Puerto Rico.
Rincon is a small town and very little major crime occurs here. Most crime that does occur is “crime
of opportunity”. For Example: DO NOT leave your car unlocked with an expensive camera inside.
We highly recommend you lock the doors at night and when you leave. DO NOT leave beach chairs
on the beach or other items laying around the pool. DO NOT leave the door to your unit unlocked
with cell phones, laptops and other valuables laying around in plain sight. You are held responsible
for any loss or missing items so just use common sense and do not invite trouble. These additional
security measures will reduce crime of opportunity from occurring and enable your stay to be
relaxing, comfortable and worry free. Thank you in advance for assisting to prevent crime of
opportunity within the Villas. Also see Common Sense

Sand – is beautiful on the beach, but it is not good inside the house. The sand causes the drains to
clog and damages the floor. In our efforts to prevent these damages, there is an outdoor shower
by the beach; please rinse off and wipe your feet before coming in the house. Please make every
effort to keep the sand on the beach. If needed, we provide a plunger in the unit which should be in
the bath or under the kitchen sink. Also, for your use are a mop, broom and rags located in the
unit. Please do not use our white bath towels as mops to wipe up spills! If you are unable to locate
the necessary cleaning supplies we provide, please let us know. Thank you.

Security Cameras – We have two camera systems. One system is set up outside throughout the
property and aimed at the gates and entrances. A second system has been installed inside all of the
villas to record anyone entering our villas. Our office will be notified as soon as you enter the villa
to alert us of your arrival. The camera is aimed at the front door only and not inside the
home. Guests MAY switch off, or unplug the inside camera upon arrival, but please remember to
turn the camera back on upon check out.

Supplies – We have provided you with many general supplies – a “starter amount” of toilet tissue, a
roll of paper towels, dish soap, dishwasher detergent (in units having dishwashers), bath
soap/shampoo. If you need additional supplies there are many different stores to provide you with
all your needs.

Things to Do – There are many things to do and enjoy in and around the Rincon area.
https://www.sunsetparadisevillas.com/discoverrincon.html There is something always going on!
Another list is at: http://www.sunsetparadisevillas.com/downloads/PRbookThingsToDo.pdf You can
also pick up several local free papers like www.elcoquiofrincon.com that are widely available at local

Utilities – Reasonable use of utilities (which include 1 tank of LP gas, water, and electric) are
included as part of this agreement. Unreasonable use of the utilities are considered a violation of
this Rental Agreement. Please conserve the utilities and turn off ceiling fans, lights, and A/C when
not in use. Water is precious. Please conserve and use the water wisely. We have installed water
saving toilets that use less water. Occasionally the water and electricity might go out for short
periods of time. Please relax and most times they are back on shortly. We do have water reserve
tanks and you will be provided with limited water in case it does. The tap water is filtered and
should be “safe” to drink. We also installed a reverse osmosis purified drinking faucet at the
kitchen sink.

Now, just sit back, relax, read a good book, take a nap, walk down the beach and enjoy the ocean
breezes, or go explore Puerto Rico!

Oh, one more thing….. If you’d like a souvenir of your stay at Sunset Paradise Villas, we now have tshirts
and robes available for purchase. The t-shirts are priced at $10.00 and the robes at $40
(which includes shipping and any applicable taxes). Just give us a call at 1-800-875-6399 or email
us at [email protected] and we can put it on a Visa or MasterCard. Our shirts are white
with turquoise print, they come in sizes small to extra-large and are pre-shrunk.

Dish Channel Line Up

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Sirius Channel Line Up

[pdf-embedder url=”https://www.sunsetparadise.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/09/SiriusMusicChannelLineup.pdf”]

Electronics Guides (For Each Villa)

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[pdf-embedder url=”https://www.sunsetparadise.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/09/ElectronicsV1Lower.pdf”]

[pdf-embedder url=”https://www.sunsetparadise.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/09/ElectronicsV2upper.pdf”]

[pdf-embedder url=”https://www.sunsetparadise.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/09/ElectronicsV2lower.pdf”]

[pdf-embedder url=”https://www.sunsetparadise.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/09/ElectronicsV3upper.pdf”]

[pdf-embedder url=”https://www.sunsetparadise.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/09/ElectronicsV3lower.pdf”]

[pdf-embedder url=”https://www.sunsetparadise.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/09/ElectronicsV4Upper.pdf”]

[pdf-embedder url=”https://www.sunsetparadise.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/09/ElectronicsV4Lower.pdf”]